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What could be better than a great band that sounds better live, looks hotter in person, and puts on one hell of a show? It’s safe to say Foster The People pulled through on all accounts at last night’s 12th stop on their North American tour in Toronto completely bringing down the house making all skeptics leave completely obsessed.

Mark Foster, a wildly talented lead who writes the hits, sings the songs, and plays both keyboard and guitar, showed the crowd why a band that was formed less than three years ago has exploded on the music scene. His raw talent couldn’t have been clearer on stage with vocals that could put any band in this day and age to shame, constantly switching between instruments, and belting crowd favorites like “Helena Beat” and “Call It What You Want”.

While Foster spoke relatively little to the audience, he put the music on hold to acknowledge a tragic accident that occurred at the same venue days before when a member of Radiohead’s road crew lost his life when the stage collapsed mere hours before the show. (Photo of Wreckage Below) Although Foster has never met Radiohead, he spoke highly of the band and their music, while drawing attention to family-like relationship a band has with their road crew adding they were going to “celebrate life tonight.” And celebrate they did! The band exuded a ton of energy from start to finish which translated to the audience making for a lively show, a wild atmosphere, and a concert to remember.

With only one album it was difficult to say if they were going to fill time with covers, but they stayed within their repertoire extending their own songs with new twists, various solos, and a stage-sharing collaboration on “Warrior” with opener Kimbra. Foster The People went out with a bang performing an extended dubstep rendition of “Pumped Up Kicks” to end the encore complete with lights, confetti cannons, and giant blow-up characters dancing alongside the stage. Clearly a crowd favourite, Foster The People took “Pumped Up Kicks” to a whole new level leaving concert-goers wanting more.

• Miss You
• Life On The Nickel
• Helena Beat
• Broken Jaw
• I Would Do Anything For You
• Waste
• Love
• Call It What You Want
• Don’t Stop (Color On The Walls)
• Warrant
• Warrior (feat. Kimbra)
• Houdini
• Ruby
• Pumped Up Kicks

Photos by Katie Worndl

Katie Worndl

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