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What's This?

Free Your Funk is a bi-monthly concert hosted by Le Bellevilloise in the twentieth arrondissement of Paris. Following the release of Lapalux‘s debut album, Nostalchic, via Fly-Lo‘s notorious, Los Angeles-based label Brainfeeder Records, the artist headlined the April 20th Free Your Funk event alongside acts like Yoggyone, Dream Koala, Hoosky, and Mr. Bibal.

Stuart Howard of Lapalux stood behind a long table of entangled cords and wires, mixers, controllers, and turntables, performing with the kind of skill and technical prowess that becomes entrancing. It wasn’t just skill that made the performance, though, it was his enthusiasm. He was a one man show, stationed mostly near his laptop, but that could not prevent him from swaying and grooving to his own tracks. Not to be mistaken for cockiness, what this young artist experienced was pure joy. The look on Stuart’s face was almost one of disbelief, as if he could not comprehend how he go to this place, or, more importantly, how long it would last. Watch a video of Lapalux performing live with Yoggyone and DJs Hoosky and Mr. Bibal below.

Photos and Video by Angel Fraden

Angel E. Fraden

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