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What's This?

Local Natives continue to mature over time, and, like a fine wine, they are only getting better and better. With the release of their new record, Hummingbird, they have risen to the occasion and situated themselves at the front-and-centre of the independent music scene. With a strong base of material to work with and a steady following behind them, it’s clear to see that the band has all the tools they need to put on breathtaking live performance. After witnessing the band play for a packed crowd at Atlanta’s historical medical center-turned-concert hall, The Tabernacle, I can confirm that these boys do in fact put on one helluva’ show!

As you can see from the photos above, the band were enjoying themselves as much, if not more, than the crowd. By injecting an equal mix of both new and old songs into their setlist, the band were able to cater their performance to all of their fans. And since their sound is so homogenous, the band saw no problems weaving in-between the two albums. While it was exciting to hear two stylistically different albums strung together, it was the band’s adoring fans that made this concert such an enjoyable experience.

Photos by Christian David Turner

Christian Turner

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