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Ever woken up the morning after a concert with your ears ringing and your head pounding, yet the only thought running through your mind is “Best. Night. Ever.” This happens very rarely but when it does, you know it was a concert for the books and that’s just how the Running Red Lights show went down last Thursday at The Peacock in Toronto.

Let me set the scene. Underground bar, intimate setting, dimmed lights, packed venue, and a band completely bringing down the house. Running Red Lights, a Toronto indie band has worked with multi-Juno producer Gavin Brown (Billy Talent/Metric), has won Canada’s YouDiscover concert series in 2010, and has performed alongside Kardinal Offishall and the Barenaked Ladies at ET Canada’s New Year’s Eve celebration, this is the band to watch on the Toronto indie scene.

So what made this concert different from all the rest? Running Red Lights has such a genuine aura about them and you can tell these guys are in it for the love of music and nothing else. The way they perform as a group and interact with the crowd is unlike any other band out there. Think edgier Florence and the Machine meets One Republic with a hotter lead, raspier vocals, and a far more memorable band. Scarlet (vocals/keyboard), Kevin (drums/vocals), Jeff (bass), and Dave (guitar), all bring their own expertise and edge to the table and they complement each other’s musical styles perfectly.

While there’s no doubt Scarlett takes the lead and puts on one hell of a show rallying the crowd, singing from the audience, and belting out tunes from on top of the drums, it’s cool to see the rest of the band mates just as much a part of the performance each bringing their own flair to set the scene. For starters, it’s not every day you see vocals coming from the drummer which brings a unique and fresh twist to the band’s dynamic. The best part about RRL’s shows? They somehow shatter the boundary between band and audience creating a feeling of a huge jam session. By the end of the night, the band has brought the entire crowd together making you feel like you’ve known the band for decades, like the stranger next to you has become your new bestie, and the energy running through the place is electrifying.

These guys are experts at what they do and if you’re lucky enough to catch one of their shows, you’ll understand what I mean when I say that it’s a wonder their songs aren’t yet topping the charts. This band puts on one hell of a show from start to finish and the music will have you on your feet the whole time. We already can’t wait for their next show!

Be sure to check out their latest EP Rose-Coloured Windows with top tracks “Memory Bells,” “Dear Liza” and a personal favorite “Hero Butterflies” on their Facebook page.

Photos by Katie Worndl

Katie Worndl

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