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When you host a 16+ EP release party at a modestly sized, restaurant-bar-venue like Baby’s All Right, for an infectiously enjoyable band like Sunflower Bean, shit’s bound to get real. Unfortunately, I missed the first two opening acts, Lightning Bug and Kissing Is A Crime, and I only managed to see the last song of the LACED (featuring members of Beach Fossils and Warthog) set. But that’s okay, because last Saturday night I was really only there to see the headlining act: three Brooklyn native, underaged rock ‘n roll purists who can lay out a seriously heavy groove.

Sunflower Bean spent 2014 gigging dozens upon dozens of shows in Brooklyn’s underground, gaining a substantial following in a short period of time. Their self-released Show Me Your Seven Secrets EP sees that energy in a cleaner, lucid realm of kaleidoscopic proportions. And as energetic and incantatory as their performance was, this nascent trio of consummate musicians failed to capture the nuance of their latest studio effort. That being said, they can absolutely command a stage and put on one hell of a show. The crowd was a sweaty throng of moshing, beer-sloshing fist-flingers that responded fervently to tracks like “Tame Impala” and “Rock & Roll Heathen.” These three have an exciting future ahead of them. Stream Show Me Your Seven Secrets below.

Angel E. Fraden

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