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Having once been apart of the post-hardcore rock band, TREOS, Casey Crescenzo has grown to become the brain child of what we now know as The Dear Hunter. To the untrained ear, The Dear Hunter’s music (and specifically their concert opener, “In Cauda Venemum”) sound very much like the late Mars Volta. Unsurprisingly, this has helped the band make a name for themselves in both the hardcore and indie-rock genres, but despite Crescenzo’s wavering choices as an artist, he has been able to affirm his position as a multi-talented musician.

A couple of weeks ago, while in Toronto our lead photographer Nick Vo got a chance to snap some photos of the band during their performance at the Virgin Mobile Mod Club. Lucky for him, the band had just released their fifth studo album, Migrant, and were looking for an outlet for all their new music. As you could have guessed, this made the concert quite the showcase.

When listening to the band, one could easily find themselves lost in the melodic tendencies of Crescenzo and his contrast of lower pitched vocals with gut-wrenching screams. The mix of both delicate melodies and heavy guitar riffs are reminiscent of his former band and make it easy for anyone to find something to be drawn into. To display his versatility, Casey stopped their set halfway through to play a few songs acoustically. While the first half of the set showed a fairly aggressive side of the band, tracks like “Things that Hide Away” was a perfect compliment.

During the rest of the set the band was in full form, finishing with a couple of their earlier releases including their highly acclaimed, “Red Hands.” Most impressively, Casey’s voice didn’t falter throughout the massive 2 hour set; it was as if they had just come out of the studio and straight into the venue. So if you’re interested in knowing what the concert sounded like in-person, then check out a stream of the band’s newest album Migrant below.

Matt Pendrill

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