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What's This?

Six-string bassist/ singer-songwriter extraordinaire Thundercat took to the stage at the Music Hall of Williamsburg this Monday. The evening commenced with dark and somber ambiance, a black-lit stage illuminating the avant-garde jazz expressions of producer/beatmaker Mike Slott. Thundercat, fronted by Flying Lotus-cohort Stephen Bruner, performed as a funkadelic, soul-centric three-piece with Stephen’s Grammy-winning little brother Ronald Jr. on drums. True to his reclusive persona, Thundercat seemed tentative to assume the role of frontman. The lights were perpetually dimmed, the vocalist/bassist’s face was shrouded with a wide brim hat, and his limbs were practically statuesque save for the lightning-fast agility of his mercurial fingertips. But his artistic sincerity manifested in other ways: his intimate interactions with the graciously subdued audience, the way he would crook his neck to smile at his brother, or the vicious stank-face he would employ when lost in an erratic, high-frequency bass solo. The crowd was more than responsive to his euphonic ecstasy, letting out an uproarious bellow of, “Oh shit, I’m fucked up,” on the electro-suave drop of “Oh Sheit It’s X.” It was a grand ole time.

Photos by Angel E. Fraden

Angel E. Fraden

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