Magic Man – "Texas"

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Magic Man - Texas

Anytime a band gets compared to big names like Passion Pit and Hey Champ, I can’t help but notice that certain groups let the recognition go to their head. While some are able to embrace the pressure and feed off of it, many fall victim to hype and end up well short of everyones expectations. As we’ve happily discovered, though, Magic Man have not succumb to this sad fate.

“Paris,” the first official single they gave us as a newly formed five-piece, was a sensational mixture of glittering synths and utterly infectious hooks. “Texas” is no different. Picking up where the band left off, “Texas” journeys through battering drums, abrasive electronics and addictive choruses.

Once again, the Providence duo have brought their deeply dipped synth-pop to a geographical location. The only way we could possibly love this band more than already do, is if they made a song after Canada. While we’ll love them either way, we can always dream, can’t we?!

Matt Pendrill

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