Mainland’s Powerful “I Found God” Video Features Real Life Couples

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What's This?

California’s four-piece rock band Mainland have released a music video for their new track, “I Found God.” In streets that look like Anywhere, USA, the video shows everyday people running in earnest, searching with apparent gravity. It’s an evocative, visual rendering of the transcendence of love, and pairs saliently with an anthem of devotion, delivered by lead singer Jordan Topf, guitarist Corey Mullee, and bassist Alex Pitta.

Directed by SIMILAR BUT DIFFERENT, the fast-paced video features nine real couples of varying races, sexual orientations, and ages, offering a beautiful narrative of perseverance, and the unique salvation that often marks romantic love. There is a form of religion in the other, in the surrender of self required to make one available to another–a holy belief in another. These markers are not unique to one kind of person or couple, proving definitively that love is for everyone. It’s a sacred thing to which we are all entitled.

The worship in, “I Found God,” both in the song itself and in the music video, is a fierce and encompassing devotion. Mainland’s video depicts universality in its attention to truth, uniting imagery that could be considered otherwise banal if paired with a different track. In an era of division, violence, and cruelty, the “I Found God” video is a relief. Visuals show that romance needs no romanticism because it is, in itself, a miraculous thing. Turned to lyric, Topf calls out, “And every single day we’ll be walking on water together.”

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