Mainland – “Outcast”

Mainland - Outcast
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What's This?

“Outcast,” the newest single by NYC-based band Mainland, is out this week in anticipation of the band’s forthcoming debut LP. The track features lyrics smarting of displacement in society and a feeling of disconnectedness from friends, family, lovers and the world at large without losing a sense of humor that imbues levity as chords unfold (i.e. the line “pretty girls don’t pay the rent). Upbeat riffs and a driving presence on bass are prominent as lead singer Jordan Topf sings out, “wake up every day just to waste my paycheck,” with a tone of almost cheery nonchalance. “Outcast” is a garage-band-sounding, fun-to-listen-to, leave-on-repeat kind of track and is a rad sample of what’s next to come on the band’s first full-length album, slated for release in early 2016.

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