Meet Horatio Luna, The Melbourne Musician Pushing Jazz Forward

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Bassist and electronic producer Horatio Luna might be Melbourne’s best kept secret. Over the past year, the left-leaning jazz musician (born Henry Hicks) has shared a goldmine of boldly experimental compositions. Horatio Luna makes music with an ever-rotating band, and often shares live recordings of lengthy sessions featuring musicians credited with names like Mondo Flockard, Ziggy Zeitgeist and The First Baboon Civilization. Just as it might suggest, Horatio Luna’s music rarely feels of this world.

Horatio Luna performs with the 30/70 Collective, a Melbourne-based progressive outfit that makes heavy, beautiful soul jams. It’s the same soulful flow that comes through on many of his solo efforts, what makes his challenging jazz tracks (as sonically deranged as an acid-fueled Sun Ra Arkestra) so incredibly listenable. Expect great things from this rising solo artist.

Compared to his normally unhinged sensibilities, the bassist shares a relatively mellowed-out side on his most recent offering, “Safe Sesh,” what might be a subtle nod to Kamasi Washington. It’s the lead single in an upcoming cassette tape mini-album to be released later this month, featuring a session by Horatio, Nap King Cole and Ziggy. Listen

Horatio Luna also recently shared an excellent, hour-long beat tape that fuses jazz with funky break beats and smooth house rhythms. He features a handful of vocalists and guest musicians like Allysha, Joel, Ziggy, Laura, Jethro, and Reuben. Listen.

Bump Side A and Side B of Horatio Luna’s Victual Tincture.

Angel E. Fraden

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