Michael Rault Headlines Atlanta’s The Earl With Oak House, Chick Wallace

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Imagine George Harrison had a baby with an old café racer sort-of motorcycle, and that baby grew up practicing guitar in wildflower fields everyday after school in Alberta. That’s one way you might describe Michael Rault‘s sound (who is from Edmonton, Alberta). His songs sound like something old and new all at once. Listening to him will likely trigger simultaneous feelings of nostalgia and discovery.

Opening up the show were Oak House and Chick Wallace both brought their own distinct sounds to the stage. Oak House, a three-piece from Athens, GA blasted experimental grunge sounds from the speakers. Local act Chick Wallace took it down a notch with a slightly decreased BPM, but with just as much punch, belting out lyrics alongside distorted power chords. Both bands drew a sizable local following, with clear fans present in the crowd.

Rault’s penchant is guitar-music through and through. Whether it grabs the spotlight with aggressive riffs and melodic solos, or takes a backseat with soft noodling on his 12-string, his playing holds each song together. But he doesn’t go it alone. On stage Rault brought along two other guitarists. They played together like a mini-guitar ensemble, with swirling harmonies rising to one crescendo after another.

Watch Michael Rault’s “I’ll Be There” music video below.

Bradley Tilka

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