“Minimal Progressive” Is The Mantra Of Italian Composer Iuliano

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What's This?

With luliano it’s all about beautiful anticipation. He uses sparse guitar and ethereal vocals at the forefront of his dreamy musical landscapes. Though he is by no means a guitarist, the Italian born composer decided to make the guitar the central instrument of his newest release “Comfortable Lies” to force himself to explore new musical frontiers through an instrument he is not terribly familiar with.

The results are staggering as Iuliano’s first two singles. “Who Knows” and the album’s title track “Comfortable Lies” are deeply surprising yet still quite simple as Iuliano is a master composer.

“The inspiration came from playing the guitar, an instrument which I cannot play,” says Iuliano, “It was a way to get rid of the cliche and the learned rules and let the years rule instead. All of this, placed in a context where the original melodic idea is often a way to take the listener, momentarily or permanently, to a different scenario in sort of what I call ‘a minimal progressive’.”

The album is out now. Listen to the single below.