Momo Ishiguro Returns As Momoko On New Dance-Pop Single “Maintainers”

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Nearly two years ago we premiered the music video for Momo Ishiguro‘s “A Novel Light That Changed,” a shimmery synth-pop track that’s defiantly funky but still lighter than air. The New York-based artist returns with her first original material since her debut EP, donning a new look and a new moniker: Momoko.

Written during the 2016 Presidential election and inspired by the phone app Fruit Ninja, Momoko’s debut single “Maintainers” is a heaving dance-pop track about exploring the self in the face of political adversity. “I guess the song is more about the personal and psychological dimensions of dealing with that kind of craziness as an individual,” Momoko told Kaltblut Magazine in an interview. It’s an infectiously good tune.

The music video, directed by Jillian Mackintosh, creates a bold, colorful vision for the track–complete with artfully captured fruit, spastic choreography and some very chic fits. Check out the video above.

Watch Momoko’s “A Novel Light That Changed” below.

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