Mourn – “Jack”

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What's This?

Out of Barcelona, Mourn is a band that pays tribute to not only the tumult of uniquely youthful aches but also to the tenured don’t-give-a-fuck attitude of the punk rock genre. The four teenaged Spaniards’ self-titled debut, due out on Brooklyn based Captured Tracks February 17, features a song titled “Jack,” which is self-described as being, “based on a mix of people… that we hate.” The track starts out quickly with raw and angry lead vocals from lead singer Jazz Rodriguez manically spat over a simple back track, and then repeated at intervals throughout duration of the brief minute and twenty second long recording, “You think you’re awesome/ I say you’re boring.”

A deep, droning guitar line sets a heavy tone in initials seconds of listening and is nicely complemented by the delayed introduction of ominously repetitive drumming that is set off kilter by a rare chime of clashing cymbals. The resulting sound sets a perfect backdrop for the final line of the track chanted with unmistakable vitriol, “Go fuck yourself, ” a simple and singular message that is indicative of the quartet’s youth and an agelessly common damnation spurred by the inevitable immensity of human feeling. Stream “Jack,” along with lead singles “Silver Gold” and “Otitis,” below.

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