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What's This?

London’s Trap/House/Garage/Hip-Hop duo, Myth, have slowly been making rounds of the blogosphere for a minute now with singles like “Tonight” and “Selectiva.” So far, these structurally sound beats have served the bass-junkies well; however, neither of these singles seem to have captured the sound they were initially going for. Having taken some time away from the decks, the duo are back, and they’ve finally got the solution in their hands.

For this new single, the duo have put both hands on deck; they’ve gone with a no holds barred approach, giving us not one, or even two drops, but three! Just as the title suggests, “VFFECTIXN” gives in to the feelings and emotions brought on by a night of sexual endeavours. The layering of beats and samples makes this song a truly mysterious, but entrancing experience in which you’ll find it hard not to get tugged under by a current of thumping 808s and salaciously warped vocals.

Matt Pendrill

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