Nardwuar’s 20 Best Interviews

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Nardwuar's 20 Best Interviews

If you’ve ever heard the name “Nardwuar” before, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with the charismatic Canuck that has a keen ability to get a laugh (or two) out of some of from some of the music’s industry’s biggest names.

By showing up to every interview with the quirkiest of apparel, a plethora of gifts, and a million questions to boot, we — as everyone else in the world who has come to witness Nardwuar’s charismatic personality — have come to realize that there really is no other interview, much like there is: a “Nardwuar Interview.”

Behind the facade and his comical character though, an excellent interviewer lays resting beneath. By taking the time research the entirety of one’s career, Nardwaur is able to dig deep into many of our favourite artists’ pasts, and present them with some very intriguing, and most surprisingly, thought-provoking questions.

And, while he may not be the most appealing 40-year old man around, Nardwuar has been able to gain a cult following over the last few years, that even includes some of the biggest names in music; all of whom could really care less for his looks, let alone his unwitting charisma.

So, as a result, we thought what better way to pay homage to this Canadian idol than to give you a list of our 20 favourite interviews of the man himself. And trust us, Barbara Walters ain’t got nothing on this guy!

1. Odd Future
2. N.E.R.D (Pharrell Williams)
3. Jay-Z
4. Don Cherry
5. The Roots (?uestlove)
6. Wyclef Jean
7. A$AP Rocky
8. The White Stripes
9. Nirvana
10. Lil B
11. J. Cole
12. Flying Lotus
13. The Black Lips
14. Metta World Piece
15. The Flaming Lips
16. M83 (Anthony Gonzalez)
17. Florence & the Machine (Florence Welch)
18. Justice
19. Fleet Foxes
20. Cults

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