New Mystery Band Grand Deliver Prime R&B-Pop On Kick

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What's This?

No socials, no website, no press photos: Grand is a no-frills affair shrouded in mystery, an exceptionally good R&B-pop group that seemed to pop up overnight. Their newly released EP, Kick, is an unbelievably good debut from a band with less than 100 SoundCloud followers. We know nothing about the project’s talented vocalist or its eccentric producer(s), but they did let on that the collaboration is based between the Netherlands and New Zealand. 

Grand’s Kick EP picks up with the undeniable vocal hook and bass grooves of “Never Enough,” the band’s most pop-ready cut. Each track on the release get’s progressively more unconventional and daring. By Kick‘s closing number, “Thinking About It,” Grand tease a glimpse of their full creative potential. Coming in slow and deliberate with stark piano chords à la Jameszoo‘s “naive computer jazz,” this brilliant trap-soul song is an obvious standout on this altogether dope EP. Listen.

Angel E. Fraden

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