Nice As Fuck – Nice As Fuck

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I will admit, Father John Misty brought me here. In a hilarious, self-shaming psuedo album review, J. Tillman deemed Nice As Fuck “objectively the best all-female band in the last 25 years.” And they’re also called Nice As Fuck, how fucking cool is that?

Jenny LewisAu Revoir Simone’s Erika Forster and the Like’s Tennessee Thomas debuted their all-girl supergroup at a Bernie Sanders benefit show a few months back. And just a few days ago, the band surprise-released their debut self-titled. Nice As Fuck is a valiant record, deceptively strong and deeply satisfying in its 25-minute entirety. Deploying a tradition of funky, post-punky rock à la 1970s New York, NAF finds a clear and confident stride throughout the record’s nine songs, the last of which is a 45-second band theme shuffle.       

Tracks like “Runaway,” “Angel” and “Door” are catchy, perfectly executed pop rock jams that simply don’t get old. The dub-inflected third track, “Homerun,” is the first of several sonic curveballs pitched, the most notable being the synth-led slacker rock of “Mall Music.” But the reason I love NAF isn’t because of the band’s sound so much as the band’s attitude. They have the ability to take their project seriously, without taking themselves too seriously. “Are you even still alive?” Lewis speak-talks on the surreal, Fleetwood Mac-homaging “Cookie Lips,” “I think I’ve got ghost in my cookie lips.” But then, a few tracks later, we’re confronted with an incredibly earnest political protest song called “Guns,” which includes lyrics like “I don’t wanna be afraid/ Put your guns away.” It’s a remarkable feat, made all the more glaring by the absence of such statements in pop music.

Stream Nice As Fuck via Spotify, out now via Jenny Lewis’ label Love’s Way.

Angel E. Fraden

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