Bottled Up’s Nikhil Rao Talks Anxiety And Fear On “It Ain’t a Thing”

Bottled-Up Photo by Mike Kimchi
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DC local producer, vocalist and guitarist Nikhil Rao just put all his cards on the table . In his latest release “It Ain’t a Thing”, he discusses his fears and anxieties in his daily life. A vulnerable and transparent track, Rao drives his issues through a new wave/slacker rock vibe with his band Bottled Up.

Rao studied music composition and sound design for film and video games in San Jose, CA. While attending school, Rao fell into hard drugs. He attended rehab in LA and was able to dig himself out of the hole by writing and making music that spoke to these issues.

“in every place i seem to kick it,
every situation is misread,
and i never really wanna fake it,
looking for a way to forget,
and ways to wipe away my fear,
feeling drenched in a cold sweat”

Rao’s ability to create a slow paced track that grows into a psychedelic uproar right after lines like “nothing/to do/but my/anxiety” makes for a subtle yet overwhelming energy. By putting his heart on line with this track, Rao is not only addressing his anxiety but sheds light into the art of letting it go. With twinges of lofi and distorted guitar riffs, Rao’s admits his influences range from 70’s/80’s new-wave, to contemporary lo-fi/tapes.

Listen to more releases from Bottled Up below:

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