NYC Producer Tobias Shares Debut LP After Dark

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What's This?

After a slew of successful EPs, beat tapes and collaborative mixtapes, NYC producer Tobias has dropped his proper debut full-length record, After Dark. Fusing trip-hop, R&B and ambient music, Tobias shares his vision of a city adorned in night. It’s an ambitious instrumental album, traversing disparate moods and genres across 28 songs with guest features from cats like Chip Skylark, Red Note and Cold Casper–members of the NYC DIY scene that Tobias is deeply embedded in. “This album is about my mood swings, obsession with the number 5,” Tobias wrote about the new LP on Bandcamp, “The end of the world, love, self-hatred, and dissociation.” Listen to After Dark below.

Tracks we love: “Lyin'”, “Purple Moon”, “Finisher”

Angel E. Fraden

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