Oscar Key Sung Shares Solo EP About Love, Escapism & Self-Reinvention

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What's This?

Oscar Key Sung is one of Australia’s most elusive R&B voices, a wildly talented pop artist on Wondercore Island who’s solo career has bloomed promisingly over the past few years. Oscar released his last proper body of work in 2015, but he’s been busy with other projects like his collaborative experimental endeavor with HMTLflowers titled Loseless and one-off singles with vocalists like rising rapper Ah Mer Ah Su. “Fools” was dropped at the top of 2018, a high-energy fusion of house and pop that perfectly demonstrates Oscar’s affinity for industrial-grade electronic production and bombastic club beats.

No Disguise was written and recorded between Mexico City, Berlin, Los Angeles and Point Lonsdale–a coastal township outside of Melbourne, Australia. These disparately stylized tracks demonstrate Oscar Key Sung’s versatile form, the way his early morning club productions pair impeccably with his MJ and JT/NSYNC-inspired pop vocals.

The new EP traces the conception and ultimate demise of a heavy love affair. Picking up with its most pop-forward track, “Simple Luv,” each song after delves deeper into Oscar’s moody, ambient R&B soundscapes. The ethereal cooing of Oscar’s sensuous R&B tracks “Company” and “No Disguise” are deeply personal numbers that resound with gorgeous, tenderly conveyed lines like “I set all my delusions on fire”. As haunting and beautiful as these tracks are, the most obvious standout tracks are “Club Mate” and “25 Mins,” agile and uptempo dance pop creations that sound impossibly fresh. Simply put, each song on No Disguise bangs! Listen the self-released EP below.

Angel E. Fraden

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