Paul White – “Honey Cats”

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What's This?

Paul White is the newest addition to the left-leaning electronic label R&S Records–noted for audacious debuts from VondelparkTeengirl Fantasy and James Blake (the 2010 EP featuring “CMYK”)–and the lead single off his forthcoming R&S breakthrough Shaker Notes is bleak, foreboding and quite possibly the label’s sexiest release of the year. The introductory guitar notes on “Honey Cats” are intrepid and leery, a slow, deliberate downward spiral into a delirious abyss of croaky saxophone flourishes and harrowing drum lines.

When the reedy voice of Paul White finally reveals itself, more than a minute into the track, it feels like a kind of life preserver resurfacing you from the depths of an unfathomable ocean. It’s gruff but sensual; hypnotic and alluring, so much so that it took several listens to realize White only sings a few variations of one simple line. The whole affair seems to be pulled straight from some turbid and mind-scrabbling, David Lynchian soundtrack, like the swarthy-slick melodies composed by Angelo Badalamenti in the 1990 TV series Twin Peaks, or, more accurately, “sounds like: 60s chick on opium lying in a room full of cushions” according to White’s description of the song on YouTubeShaker Notes is set to release September 29 and is poised to be Paul White’s “most personal and sample free” collection of material yet, likely engaging with the same dark, enveloping emotions found here.

Angel E. Fraden

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