Petricha – “Hold On”

Petricha - Hold On
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One of the many perks of being a music blogger, is having an endless stream of music waiting for you in your inbox. While this can overwhelming at times, there’s a sense of adventure that comes with sifting through the sh*t in order to find those one or two gems.

Although they don’t have the backing of a label or the resources that come with a PR company, Petricha found their way into my inbox a few days ago through one of the managers we frequently work with. Not expecting much, I listened the group’s single “Hold On” only to discover I had found what what I came looking for.

With it’s simple, understated backdrop and haunting vocals, “Hold On” is the perfect blend of electronic and pop. As if taking us on a trip through a dreamy underworld, lead singer Laura Steel cuts through the haze like a knife. While there’s a feeling of purity in her voice, you can hear the darkness overcome her as she sings, “reality is closing in on me as the world grows smaller.” It’s a somber thought, but one that resonates among all of us.

Matt Pendrill

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