Pop Music’s Newest Vixen Unveils Her First Record

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What's This?

Los Angeles based electro-pop artist Teddi Gold grew up a little differently than your average pop-music vixen. While many artists of her ilk are bread out of the Mickey Mouse Club and other akin pop-star factories, Gold spent her formative years on a remote Carribean island vastly less hampered by the frills of modern society than many of her contemporaries.

Her humble upbringing quite obviously has affected her approach and process her content undoubtedly resonates with the modern audience anyway Because the songs are just so damn catchy!

Teddi Gold’s eponymous debut EP dropped today and while debut single “Video Games” was a pretty good sample of what the artist is trying to convey in her dancey ways.

A poppy and upbeat sound to make some not so happy reflections a little more digestible. In the case of “Video Games,” it is a woman who feels like she is playing second fiddle to her love interests gaming habits. But even with the somewhat grim motifs, The completed record is a late summer revelation that is going to have listeners dancing away the waning days of the season.

The record opens with its intriguing intro-track “It Could Be Like This?” and as the record’s only instrumental it whets the appetite for more of the layered electronic sound that Teddi is producing.

The second track is “Video Games” followed by the anthemic “Not Done Here Yet”, which conveys a simple but universal message of resilience in the lyrics while providing an infectious dance a long groove that you would have to be dead to move to too.

The record is rounded out by “Figure It Out,” and “Cash” which both stay in the same vein as “Video Games” in tackling some fairly tough topics, this time breakups and consumerism with upbeat dancey beats. If I had to guess which the record’s second single would be I would bet my bottom dollar its the albums final track “Cash.”

Teddi Gold comes off as mature beyond her years on her debut EP and for a first go-round, this is a terrific piece of dance-pop by a fresh-faced newcomer. I for one am excited for the future of Teddi Gold.