Porches, Alex G @ Bowery Ballroom

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Porches and Alex G headlined Bowery Ballroom last night, one in a string of shows around NYC over the past week. Porches, helmed by singer-songwriter and producer Aaron Maine, played through much of their newly released record, Pool. The unconventional blend of experimental electronics, retro R&B, and indie rock present on the record translated well live, with tracks like “Underwater” and “Mood” bolstered by acoustic instrumentation. It was a great time. 

Alex G declined to take center stage during his set, instead occupying stage left while his bassist was positioned in the middle. Plowing through several of his shorter compositions, which captured the 90s at their grungiest and most disillusioned, his set was exceptionally good. The band struggled to follow up Porches, failing to maintain an active performance and often playing songs with their backs turned to the audience for extended periods of time. But performance isn’t really what his music is about. Experienced live, Alex G’s music is a sustained swell of reluctantly shared emotion, like witnessing a private ceremony.

Angel E. Fraden

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