Video Premiere: Abby Diamond – “Love to Watch You Leave”

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Last month, we premiered a new track and an accompanying visual for Froyo Ma‘s “I Live All Alone (Abby Diamond’s Figure Remix),” the first in a series of forthcoming tracks to be featured on Abby Diamond‘s debut solo EP, Down, Down, Deep. On the latest offering from the New Orleans based singer-songwriter, Diamond revisits a track she wrote at 19 years-old: the silky, surreptitious groove of “Love to Watch You Leave,” produced by her then-boyfriend Luke Todd. The foundation of his sparse nu-disco beatwork was expounded upon by producers Liam Shy and Alex Cowan, in keeping with Abby Diamond’s newly realized aural aesthetic. It’s fresher, fuller and funkier than the initial demo, with Shy and Cowan contributing a dense layer of nuanced subtleties that are easy to miss beneath Diamond’s radiant chops. She chose to preserve the track’s original vocal take from a few years ago, “because the lyrics and expression really reflected where I was at in that time of my life.” In the words of my friend Daita Goswamy, Abby Diamond’s voice sounds like it’s wrapping you up in a big, affectionate hug.

The music video for “Love to Watch You Leave,” directed by Thomas James McGovern, features Diamond basking in the balmy outdoors of New Orleans, as perfect strangers exchange lusty glances on the trolley. This eye-catching and exceptionally shot visual is nothing short of adorable. Go get some this V-Day weekend: And when you do, make sure to bump this track for that special someone. Watch Abby Diamond perform “Love to Watch You Leave” with a live band below.

Angel E. Fraden

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