Premiere: Abby Diamond – “There’s A Light In My Room”

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What's This?

New Orleans based singer-songwriter Abby Diamond is one of our best and brightest, a consistent purveyor of pop savvy electro-soul and experimental R&B. She represents a new kind of solo artist, instigated by the advent of SoundCloud, one who works to attain complete control of their music–from publishing to production to PR. Following her excellent four-track EP Down, Down, Deep this past March, Abby is prepping the release of her debut album FEMINISTA to be self-released sometime next spring. We’re positively stoked to premiere the first glimpse of FEMINISTA, “There’s A Light In My Room,” a track co-produced by Agor Cowan of Blue Hawaii. The track, re-appropriated from an old Froyo Ma beat, was assembled this summer during a series of lengthy Ableton sessions between the two, screen-shared through Skype. It’s a fantastic first look at Abby’s new direction for her forthcoming album, which offers more nuanced sonic productions and a vocal presence more stark and evocative than it’s ever been.

FEMINISTAwill serve as an ambitiously interactive multimedia project. You can download the .wav and stems for “There’s A Light In My Room” here. Read a personal statement by Abby Diamond on the album below.

With this album, I really want to bring people together to make art about what feminism means to them, so all of the art that I create within this collection is going to be interactive. Each song will be in creative commons and the stems and a cappellas will be available for download so other artists can remix the songs and make their own art with them. Each music video that I release along with FEMINISTA will be available for download (along with other b-roll film) as well, so filmmakers can make their own films using our footage. The album itself will be free for download online and CDs will be sold inside feminist art zines, which are being created by myself, other female musicians and artists as well as artistic fans who submit work to us. These zines will be reminiscent of Riot Grrrl and other female punk rock zines in the late 80s and early 90s. the idea is to resurrect this movement within a new context and culture—bringing feminist zines into the pop/electronic scene as a vehicle for all different women who share a similar taste in music to express what it’s like to be a third wave feminist today. We want artists and artistic listeners to get their hands dirty with this album. I see this project as a unique opportunity to look at art through the lens of all different types of feminists.

Watch Abby Diamond‘s music video for “Love to Watch You Leave,” shot in the French Quarters of New Orleans.

Angel E. Fraden

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