Premiere: Arthur Shea – “Rock N Roll (Don’t Gimme A Million Bucks)”

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What's This?

I’m always on the lookout for strange new music, so when I saw that Little L Records had sent over something new they were working on, I was pretty excited to say the least.

Inside their latest press release was a bio of Philly-based musician Arthur Shea and a link to his debut single, “Rock N Roll (Don’t Gimme A Million Bucks).” For those who don’t know, Arthur Shea is a member of the highly underrated slack-rock gaggle, Forever Lesbians, a band that tends to lean towards the somber side of music. But, according to the label, Shea’s new solo effort is quite the opposite. Instead, what we have before us today is “a beautiful slice of lo-fi fun,” which turns out to be a pretty accurate description. Lyrics aside, the song is a playful rock ditty that pairs Shea’s left-field vocals with a funky bassline and scattered drums.

Shea’s aptly-titled debut record, Arthur’s First, is out June 30th via Little L Records and Third Floor Tapes.

Manuel Lemus

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