Premiere: Billy Nigel – “Frailties” & “I Don’t Exist”

Billy Nigel - Frailties
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What's This?

There’s no telling who or what inspires Brooklyn-based experimentalist, Billy Nigel, but one thing is for sure: he’s not about to be pigeonholed. With a growing list of songs to his name, this rather mysterious producer makes music that you listen to rather than vibe to—although there’s instances where you’ll feel inclined to do just that. According to his Facebook page, Nigel “develops worlds that paint pictures and tell stories of lands he can only imagine. He starts with a landscape in the sound and builds to the inanimate objects and furthermore, characters then their stories.” It’s a peculiar method of songwriting, but an intriguing one nonetheless.

Listening to “Frailties” and “I Don’t Exist,” you can sense Nigel’s desire to push the boundaries. Both songs are a battleground of white noise and disparate samples that seem to transcend any and all genres. From the throbbing bassline and nightmarish keys of “Frailities,” to the angelic harp and broken vocal samples of “I Don’t Exist,” there’s no telling where Nigel will take you. It’s raw, emotional and totally out of this world. Listen for yourself below.

Matt Pendrill

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