Premiere: Carbon Mirage – “Castle Grayskull”

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There’s something incredibly understated about instrumental music. Yes: The human voice is an extraordinary machine, probably the most versatile instrument ever. But vocal music tends to be repetitious, bound to familiar structures and contained by tradition. Organized sound, divorced from the human voice, might capture a sense of reckless abandon, a driving spontaneity that’s without structure and without limits. Such is the case with Carbon Mirage and their newly released single “Castle Greyskull,” the Brooklyn based trio’s first offering since their sophomore album The Peak last fall. The heavy, soul-stirring groove picks up with Carey Clayton’s lone ripple of electric guitar before the frenzy unfolds. The rollicking momentum sprawls throughout the four-minute track, supported by Ricky Petraglia incessantly shuffling drums and the fiery, fleeting intensity of James Quinlan’s bass guitar. Midway through the song, when the three virtuosic musicians break their silence and chant “Stranded,” it just confirms how little needs to be said to get their point across. The line is something of a paradox, though, because the raucous, freewheeling energies on “Castle Greyskull” sound anything but.

Watch the music video for “Pacific,” the third cut off Carbon Mirage’s The Peak LP, below.

Angel E. Fraden

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