Cub Sport – “Come On Mess Me Up”

Cub Sport - This Is Our Vice
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What's This?

Cub Sport is in a difficult position. The four-piece indie band from Australia has been quite active for the last couple of years. They have used this time to release an EP and a string of singles that assured us they have potential well beyond their years. But like most promising new bands, the group has set a relatively high bar, and, as a result, their forthcoming debut album has quite a bit to live up to.

This is a challenging situation for any band. They have a die-hard following. They have the talent. They have the potential to produce something brilliant. Will they do it? Time will tell. But if “Come On Mess Me Up” is any indicator, then they have already succeeded.

With this latest single, Cub Sport has gone from a group of bright-eyed teens to a fully-formed band with a clear sense of direction and a new set of life experiences from which to pull from.

“Come On Mess Me Up” is a slow build of synth-based indie-pop punctuated by a brutally intimate set of lyrics that sound more like a confession or a plea than anything else. Exceedingly honest and confident at the same time, this song is a breathtaking experience, capturing the feeling of closure while simultaneously reminding you of that person you’re dying to see just one last time.

Cub Sport’s new album This Is Our Vice is set to be released on March 4th.