Premiere: sum x y – “Leviathan”

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What's This?

Brooklyn based electronic producer Matt Tompkins made an impressive debut with his sum x y project (pronounced “sometimes y”) when he dropped the eastern-influenced UK garage cut “Sunday Sober.” Now, the emerging producer is preparing to self-release his first EP Here Elsewhere–a stunning three-track epic that further develops his cosmopolitan, progressive approach to instrumental dance music. Tracks found on the EP, though, have a definitively darker, more experimental edge than “Sunday Sober” and his previously released remixes, hinting toward the work of English trailblazers Clark, Jon Hopkins, and Mount Kimbie. We’re incredibly pleased to premiere the closing track on Here Elsewhere, a six-minute monster of kaleidoscopic techno and storm-tossed drum and bass called “Leviathan.”

sum x y‘s newest track picks up with a whisper of electronic pinging, a gorgeous flutter of piano. The two parts sustain and the pinging grows across two minutes to a dangerous hum, one that erupts without warning as a cataclysmic, three-part death siren. In its initial, deconstructed form, this volatile techno breakdown is pure fire. Eventually the opening theme returns and is applied to this nuanced network of machine drums, synths, and clever instrumental arrangements. The whole track feels cyclical and unnervingly precise, like a lifetime observed at a great distance.

Be on the look out for sum x y‘s Here Elsewhere EP, to be released later this month.

Angel E. Fraden

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