Psych-Folk Duo The Parlor Share A Sacred Secret On “Superbloom”

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The music of husband and wife art rock duo The Parlor shifts dramatically in tone on their forthcoming album, Kiku. The psychedelic folk musings and progressive chamber-pop abstractions of the new release carry with them a solemness and seriousness that pushes these songs to devastatingly beautiful places. While writing the album, Jen O’Connor and Eric Krans experienced their second miscarriage. But rather than let that tragedy consume them, The Parlor chose to translate that feeling of unimaginable pain into song. Such is the case on The Parlor’s newly premiered track “Superbloom,” where sorrow and serenity make a harmonious collision.

Listen to “Superbloom” exclusively on IC below.

Read a personal statement from The Parlor’s Jen O’Connor and Eric Krans about the origin of “Superbloom” and the discovery of a sacred secret:

We wrote “Superbloom” while on tour last year in the Southwest desert. We managed to stumble into the rare and mythical superbloom. The usually brown deserts were green with life. Land from West Texas stretching all the way to the hillsides of southern California were alive and in bloom. Hills were covered with orange poppies, cacti were flowering, seeds that had lain dormant for 100 years were germinating, blooming, being pollinated, and making seeds of their own that would then lie dormant for another 100 years. We found ourselves standing in this rare nexus of time.

We were living simultaneously 100 years in the past through these germinating 100 year old seed–and also 100 years into the future–when the seeds that were growing now would bloom. It felt triumphant, and it spoke to us on a personal level.

This album is about our struggles with infertility and multiple miscarriages. It felt like the desert was speaking directly to us, telling us that ‘we will bloom when we are meant to.’ It felt comforting, reassuring, like were being let in on a sacred, ages-old secret.

Kiku is out April 13.

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