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What's This?

Austin Mendenhall’s name may not ring a bell, but if you’ve heard any of Snowmine‘s sprawling indie-rock, you’ve no doubt listened to his work. A guitarist for the Brooklyn-based band and a permanent fixture at the NYC Guitar School, Mendenhall has earned his rightful place in the city’s rich musical landscape. When he’s not teaching the craft or touring the country, though, Mendenhall records music under the moniker ROSES.

Featuring members of Snowmine and Ron Pope/Savoir Adore, the project is an experiment of sorts, which Mendenhall and his cohorts have used to explore new sonic territory. On their self-titled EP, the group have freed themselves of musical constraints and let their imagination run wild. The result is a neatly woven patchwork of strings and percussion with an air of beauty and tranquility. In keeping with this theme, the group have shared a mesmerizing stop-motion visual for the four-track release, which captures the lifecycle of a dandelion. Pretty cool stuff.

Watch the video above and stream the EP’s opening track, “Rose,” below.

Matt Pendrill

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