RYAN Playground – “Pie In The Sky (feat. Robert Robert)”

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What's This?

Montreal based producer and musician RYAN Playground‘s new single “Pie In The Sky” is a rewarding three and a half minute ride. RYAN, otherwise known as Genevieve Ryan Martel, has a constant and alluring vocal presence on what is an oft-hectic recording. What opens with eerie quiet and looming distortion turns quickly to an expansive, uptempo piece of music. Lyrics detail the highs and lows of a roller coaster ride, production abounds, and a sense of nostalgia hangs above it all. At one point the track cuts clean and there is a neatly played phrase of piano and, with authority, she clears her throat. For a moment she is right there, we are all right there, “Eyes are closed for the way down.”

Be on the lookout for RYAN Playground’s debut album 16/17, and until then stream the new single below.

Watch RYAN Playground’s acoustic version of the single via Facebook.

Zoe Contros Kearl

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