Samia Brings Her Powerful, Brutally Honest Voice To NYC’s Mercury Lounge

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What's This?

Samia is an indie rock powerhouse, capable of narrating an entire lifetime in just a single song. Her thought-provoking and hard-hitting lyrics are masterfully matched with coy and snarky ones, creating a balance of honesty that is rare to come by these days. She is not afraid to call herself out as well as those who have disappointed her. The raw honesty in her songs is one of the main factors that kept me hooked on her music. The other factor is her performance.

There was never a dull moment last night at the Mercury Lounge when Samia took the stage. When Samia wasn’t jumping around, it was because the song called for her to be still. A highly animated performer, many of her songs are quick as a whip, but there are also songs so saturated with pain and heartbreak that they deserve an audience’s full attention.

“Welcome to Eden” is one of these songs about the loss of friends, family and perhaps the loss of self. In contrast to the bubbly song that came before this on her set list, the moment Samia began singing this solemn ballad, everyone’s eyes were on her and the mood turned serious. Yet, after the song was over, Samia revved up the room with another upbeat tune and the crowd reanimated instantly. This versatility in moods is one Samia has mastered, able to make people weep and rejoice within the span of seconds.

Samia’s single “Milk” is out now on YouTube, Spotify, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud.

Listen to more from Samia below.

all photos by Aria Herbst