Savages – “Adore”

Savages - Adore Photo by Pari Dukovic
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What's This?

Savages are a relatively new presence in the music world. Their 2013 debut album earned the post-punk London band some well deserved recognition and begged to be followed up by something incredible. “Adore” is the newest track from Savages and serves as a grand display of a band that is moving forward at a breakneck pace.  This song is a swelling, powerful, gorgeous and impactful ballad that will drag you down and lift you back up before leaving you behind abruptly. It’s a moody track, but the moments of blissful love surrounded by true melodic beauty make it so nothing drags on too long and everything feels essential. An accompanying video does nothing but add to everything that makes this song great. Chilling simplicity and quiet intensity combine to give us a video more effective than anything to be released in a long time. “Is it human to adore life?” Jehnny Beth asks us this as she stares unforgivingly into the camera. It’s a difficult question, but it’s a question posed with such finesse and earnestness that “Adore” transcends being a song and transforms into something else entirely. What a way to start the year.

Get the new Savages album Adore Life on January 22nd.