Seoul – "Stay With Us"

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Seoul - Stay With Us

Despite common misconception, Canada is known for more than just its export of maple syrup and bacon, but its abundance of talented musicians. Over recent years the country has given us the psychedelic nonchalantness of Mac DeMarco, the energetic punk vibes of Metz, and now the calm ambiance of Montréal’s elusive pop trio, Seoul. Though they’ve only just begun, their soothing debut single “Stay With Us” has been rapidly picking up traction on the band’s SoundCloud, while the accompanying video has been swiftly gaining views on YouTube.

“Stay With Us” incorporates everything that makes a song so addicting: gentle vocals, hazy tempo, tantalizing guitar-laden beats, and lofty synths. It has a crisp and breathless sound that makes one look back on long summer nights and relive every timeless moment. Even if you’re summer wasn’t full of fun and games, rest assured that “Stay With Us” will speak to you on some sort of level.

Seoul is proving early in the indie game that they have the credentials to stick around, and if first impressions mean anything, than you can be certain that the trio’s forthcoming LP will live up to expectations.

Manuel Lemus

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