Shad & Skratch Bastid – "Homie (feat. Cadence Weapon)"

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Shad and Skratch Bastid - Homie (feat. Cadence Weapon)

Anytime I post a review of a new Shad track, I find it hard not to let my hometown pride leave me jaded. But, whenever I get around to putting words to paper, I am only left with words of praise. Although I have been preaching the words of my fellow Canadian and hometown MC for years now, his words of excellence still remain in the dark, or at least in the US, that is.

Shad, for those of you who aren’t familiar, is a clean-cut rapper with a flawless track record. His well produced and smartly delivered music has been stirring up attention across Canada since 2005, and been a sense of pride for my hometown, London, from the beginning.

Only recently, however, has his music made its way across the border. With 2010’s TSOLShad was finally able to flex some muscle for the American audiences. Thanks to tracks like “Yaa I Get It” and “Rose Garden,” he was able to reach national success in Canada, and see growth in his American listeners, shortly thereafter.

Today, following up the announcement of his upcoming new album Flying ColoursShad relinquished a new track from another project he’s been working on — The Spring Up, a collaborative EP between Skratch Bastid and himself.

“Homie,” which is a bumping early-inspired hip-hop track, panders to Shad‘s love of late-80s and early-90s nostalgia. From the scratching vinyls, to the clapping beat, it divulges the same style and sound as Shad‘s highly aclaimed, Polaris-winning record, The Old Prince. If that wasn’t enough, Cadence Weapon (one of Canada’s most well-known rappers) tops the single off with his unigue, quick-spittin’ lyrical sense. In short, if there’s anything to take away from this track, it’s that Canada’s hip-hop talent is definitely a forced to be reckoned with!

Matt Pendrill

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