Queens Musician sharp >curve Shares Sweeping Ambient EP POSTURE

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What's This?

sharp >curve (aka Vanessa Castro) was first introduced to New York’s underground music scene in 2016 as the second guitarist for indie rock outfit Freind. Alongside lives gigs and recording tracks like “I Said” and “Ossature,” the Queens-based multi-instrumentalist and producer was quietly releasing a steady stream of experimental electronic tracks–sketch-like compositions that meandered and drifted compared to the locomotive tunes of Freind. 

sharp >curve cultivated her artistry over the last three years, so that each song released now carries a stark sense of emotional weight or creative brilliance–sometimes both. But the producer is in no shortage of lightness or humour (I think it’s important to note that her SoundCloud url is “sadwhiteboy”).

The POSTURE release is a prime example of the experimental producer at her most focused, synthesizing all these disparate elements. The poignant pair of tracks “SHE SAID GOODBYE” and “I SAW THE SIGN” are gorgeous pieces of ambient music that take on a dynamic, naturalistic quality. Made with Korg Minilogue, Volca beats, Volca sampler and electric guitar, the tracks were inspired by a prior performance of the music which took place in May 2018.

Listen to an improvised collaboration with Dara Hirsch of Operator Music Band, featuring sharp >curve on cello.

Angel E. Fraden

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