Shay Lia’s “What’s Your Problem” Is Your New Favorite Music Video

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Rising R&B act Shay Lia has pushed her music forward with a series of audacious, inspired and highly stylized visuals to elevate her sound. Kicking off with the interactive, hue-changing shots of “3 Months,” Shay Lia has consistently gifted us with top-notch music videos. She collaborates primarily with Kaytranada (you might recognize Shay Lia from his 2013 Montreal Boiler Room set, gettin’ down like a dance goddess), so her upbeat new single “What’s Your Problem” is a natural progression from the moody, sexually-charged R&B jams she’s been dishing out so far.

We’re certain Shay Lia’s “What’s Your Problem” is your new favorite music video. The video features sleek, eye-popping choreography, capturing her and her backup dancers looking supah dupa fly against the backdrop of a gorgeous Montreal summer day. Shay Lia has sass for days and looks that could kill in the Plastic Gun-directed visual. Check it out up there.

Watch more from Shay Lia below.

Angel E. Fraden

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