Portland Outfit Small Leaks Sink Ships Newest Single Is Truly Divine

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What's This?

It’s not that I worship at the altar of Small Leaks Sink Ships as if they’re a literal deity, but I will say when it comes to my prayers being answered the Portland, Oregon based four-piece delivers more often than anyone else.

Their newest track “Prism” is an absolute revelation on record and is leaving listeners nationwide thirsty for more as their highly anticipated September release Polaroid People is on the horizon. The boys no longer from Oak Street haven’t been allotted this kind of time to work together since well before 2006, and with ample time together inside and outside of the studio they have come out with what is far and away their best work to date.

Photo by Jeff Schaer-Moses Photogrpahy
Small Leaks Sink Ships at Brooklyn Bazaar August 2017.

A melodic opening brings the song to a harrowing crescendo with a sound reminiscent of tunes off their sophomore record Face Yourself and Remove Your Sandals like “Orchis,” while still pushing the musical envelope forward past their latest full-length Golden Calf.

Small Leaks Sink Ships have been blazing their own path through the music industry since their beginning as Beyond Analogue, and with a core group that has now been together for the better part of a decade and a half their ability to convey a powerful message through song while still producing some of the most powerful music imaginable is at its absolute peak.

“Prism” is the first single off Small Leaks Sink Ships upcoming EP Polaroid People due for release on Sept. 26.