Small Leaks Sink Ships Release New Polaroid People EP

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What's This?

Small Leaks Sink Ships newest EP Polaroid People is the stuff dreams are made of. With every new tune, Small Leaks come closer to perfectly merging their former larger-than-life emotional sound with their newly acquired pop sensibilities.

The October 26 release is the follow up to last year’s Golden Calf and though they did drop two singles ahead of the release date (“Prism” and “Broken Church Bells”), the meat of this record is in the interior two tracks “Maurice’s Monsters” and “Maurice’s Bedtime Stories”. Not ones to make too many pop culture references, the fact that the group reached back to the cult classic 1989 film Little Monsters for inspiration on this new record means there was something truly moving within the film.

As with everything they do Small Leaks has presented this new record with dramatic vocals, orchestral strings, and otherworldly arrangement that could only be achieved by a group of musicians who truly understand the strengths and limitations of their band members. Small Leaks Sink Ships is a band that does not release new tunes unless they truly have a reason to and unless the new music truly speaks to something the band is living at the time. That real-life emotionality that they put into every song is what drives their sound and makes them one of the most compelling bands coming out of the Northwest today.