Sonic Delights Abound on FerrariLover’s Sophomore Release Exotic Legend

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What's This?

While most bands in the indie world use their guitars to rock out San Diego based guitarist Nico Wyland, AKA FerrariLover uses it chill-out. Her sophomore offering Exotic Legend sees the well-accomplished instrumental songwriter add a depth and complexity to her compositions that just weren’t present in her 2017 debut.

With Exotic Legend, which was released on Aug, 23 Wyland took the time to experiment with her sound in the studio and come away with a gorgeously layered fuzzed-out reverb-laden sonic pleasure cruise that creates as much intrigue as it does euphoria.

Exotic Legend is the type of record that is really easy to get lost in on a Summer’s afternoon and before you know it you’ve spent hours staring out the window lost in thought set to this ethereal sonic treat.

FerrariLover may not be going platinum and selling out arenas anytime soon but her otherworldly tunes are the stuff that hazy dreams during midsummer naps are made of. Listening to her whimsical soundscapes isn’t so much like hearing music as much as it is like drifting through a pool of sound trying to pick up every last audial detail.