Sophie – “Lemonade”

Sophie - Lemonade
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What's This?

Sophie sent ripples through the blogosphere last year with his/her squishy electronic hit, “Bipp.” Despite raking up 600,000+ plays on SoundCloud, we still know very little about the origins of the song, let alone the elusive producer behind it.

With “Bipp,” Sophie carved out a niche within the electronic scene, applying bubbly pop vocals to a squeaky, neon-streaked production. It brought meaning to the word “disparate,” and proved just how far electronic music could take us.

After dawdling around with J-pop superstar, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Sophie has returned. “Lemonade,” the latest track to be championed by Glasgow-based label, Numbers, serves as a reminder us of the producer’s penchant for bright, agitated productions. While the influence of trap is much more observable this time around, no sample is out of the question (case-in-point: the whistle of a tea-kettle).

“Lemonade” will be accompanied by a B-side, “Hard,” when it’s released on August 4th. You can pre-order both singles [here].

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