Squalloscope Recorded Her New Pop Ballad In The Wake Of Pulse Shootings

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Austrian pop experimentalist Squalloscope is about to release her newest full-length, Exoskeletons For Children, a deeply personal mediation on childhood, nostalgia for small town life and anger. Exoskeletons was recorded, written and produced by Squalloscope’s Anna Kohlweis (who used to make music as Paper Bird) between Austria and America. The forthcoming LP plays like a scrapbook of disparate memories and teases an impressive range of musical ideas spanning from experimental electro-pop to wayward indie rock.

We’re stoked to premiere Squalloscope’s newest track, “Clutter,” a captivating and somber ballad written and recorded in the wake of the Orlando Pulse shootings. It’s a stark moment on the album, pure, wholesome melancholy that bears down on the listener like an anchor at sea. Listen.

Exoskeletons For Children is out November 3 via Fake Four Inc. Read a statement from Squalloscope’s Anna Kohlweis about “Clutter” below:

“I started writing “Clutter” in June 2016. I was wide awake at 4am and the news were full of the Pulse shooting in Orlando. It wasn’t the first time that year that the world had stopped making sense. “Clutter” became a song that embodied how much I was hoping the record could be a friend to someone in the way that other people’s music had been a friend to me. It’s a slow anthem to sticking together when everything starts to hurt; a song about covering everything in love, and being so disgustingly generous with it that the hate others tell us to feel won’t find anything to hold on to. I am a very angry woman. I also believe there is incredible power in solidarity and positivity.”

Angel E. Fraden

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