Stream Pictureplane’s “THEE NEGATIVE SLAVE” Mixtape

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What's This?

The third track featured on Brooklyn based electronic producer Pictureplane‘s newly released eleven-track THEE NEGATIVE SLAVE mixtape, (“BECOMING REAL ‘CLOSER’ PICTUREPLANE REMIX”) samples Kootchey & Co’s “I Dont Need Nobody,” which in turn samples the Chipmunk Soul vocal treatment of The Prodigy’s “No Good (Start the Dance)” originally sourced from Kelly Charles’ 1987 single “You’re No Good For Me.” By virtue of its lineage, Pictureplane’s track boasts a dense history of dance music: UK garage, dub, hardcore breakbeat, drum ‘n bass, techno. More grime than garage, more dubstep than dub, “BECOMING REAL” is lo-fi doomsday electronica, visceral and vicious against a quasi-reggaeton bedrock of rapturous rhythm.

The mixtape includes original unreleased tracks as well as exciting remixes of tracks like CREEP‘s “Days” featuring the xx‘s Romy Madley Croft, Crystal Castles‘ “Baptism,” and Lil B‘s “Real Life.” The producer’s take on “Baptism” introduces a surprising atmosphere of jubilation to this clamorously morose track. Lil B’s edit similarly inverts the surging melancholy of its original, his weary raps motivated by a volatile, industrial-grime production. Original techno-centric cuts make up the last few tracks, like “NEW METAL,” which is a completely instrumental and (presumably) sample-less, cerebral, Death Grips-style club banger.

Stream THEE NEGATIVE SLAVE mixtape below.

Angel E. Fraden

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