Stream Still Life Still’s New Album, Mourning Trance

Still Life Still - Mourning Trance
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What's This?

As many of you may have noticed, we have been keeping tight tabs on Still Life Still throughout the course of 2013. If you’ve been following as closely as we have, you are likely to understand why we have been doing so: The band’s frenetic indie-rock uproots a sort of youthful desire, a desire to cut loose and take on the world. Whether you’re sneaking out of your parents house late at night or taking an impulsive road trip with your significant other, Still Life Still has the kind of music for you.

The band has stated on numerous occasions that Mourning Trance is the reflective of the ups and downs in life, and based on our initial run-through of the album, we couldn’t agree more. From the strained muse of tracks like “Burial Suit” and “Deer Hologram,” to the unadulterated rush of “Dancing Spines” and “Revolving Doors,” Mourning Trance will take you through a roller coaster of emotions, only to drop you off at the end of it all.

Stream Mourning Trance in its entirety below:

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