Stream The 1975's New EP, "Sex"

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Stream: The 1975 - Sex

Not even two weeks into the release of their new single “You,” and The 1975 have already seen a highly visible response of over 70,000+ listens on Soundcloud. For most bands this would seem like an incredible feat to have completed, but if our judgement is of any merit, we believe that it is not nearly enough.

Given the band’s ever-growing fanbase, it looks as though they have only just begun to take off, and with today’s release of their highly anticipated EP, Sex, we are certain they will continue to grow.

By constantly providing us with honest reminders of love gone lost, the band have been able to catapult themselves into our hearts with their breathtaking cross of indie-pop-punk that is not afraid to show how relatable we all are when it comes to the love game. In their newest EP, that is an elemental feature.

From their two previously released singles “Sex” and “You,” we were shown their raw style of songwriting through a polished brand of rock calibration, but in the two newly released singles “Intro/Set3” and “Undo” you would be hard-pressed to find this very same formula. Instead what we have been given is an electronic response to their amplified pop/punk appeal that pulls in more of an ambient set of textures, than our previous rock preconceptions of the band. Now, we don’t fault the band for having taken a different route, but we certainly these two new singles as a surprise. But who are we to complain? The music is still f*cking awesome!

Listen to the two new singles “Intro/Set 3” and “Undo” below and tell us what you think! Like the new feel of the band? Or think the guys should stick to their unsatiable pop/rock sound?

Matt Pendrill

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